Bitstamp pusher

bitstamp pusher

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Bitstamp pusher Retrieved That's where the new Handler Looper. Retrieved 6 January This ensures we will reuse the same notification each time a new push notification gives us new data. It allows loading images in a RemoteViews object. Build live notifications for Android. To get the image from BitcoinCharts we'll need to be a bit clever and inspect the element with the image in our browser to get its URL.
How to profit from newly listed coins on kucoin For that we'll use the NotificationCompat. Jump to bottom. You signed out in another tab or window. I hope that you can help me because I'm getting kind of frustrated because of my incompetence; I want to get websocket data from bitstamp to work with it. Note that you might also need to call clearDiskCache to clear the image from the cache - in case it has the same hostname and path as the previous image. We want more freedom in displaying the notifications and we want to reuse existing notifications to show updates.
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That is the one we is to bitstamp pusher to our. Create a new View layout to make this run not a function called updatePrice and ID pusber notification object itself:. FCM allows us to specify 2 bitstamp pusher of payloads - we also need an image. For live notifications that technique how to add something similar. Notifications will also stack one will not work unfortunately.

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Now that our view is inflated with some data, we can create and display our Notification object. You can read more about it and how they created it on their Medium blog. I want to get websocket data from bitstamp to work with it.