Btc keyboard 9019urf

btc keyboard 9019urf

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As a cursor movement keypad. As a numeric keypad. Page Software Installation Software Installation. Page 4: Important Information Important work properly, see Chapter 6: numeric keypad: NumLock: This is then keyboard.

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BTC URF drivers. Found 2 drivers for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Download BTC URF Keyboard Drivers vAU MUL. Category:Keyboards. I was looking at the Msoft MCE Keyboard but its also a bit pricey and has had some bad reviews. So it looks like the BTC which is well priced. The URF works at least meters ( feet) away from your PC, and in my experience it worked in another room on a different level.
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Specifications Weight: 1. The range is good for an RF wireless keyboard. Preferably a mouse, trackball, joystick or touch-pad built-in to control mouse functions Size - smaller is better, but still need to be able to operate the keys. There is a newer version IIIurf being sold that is supposedly very similar with a few slight differences. I believe any HTPC keyboard needs to have a mousepad or some similar ability to control the mouse action built-in as it's a bit unwieldy to use a separate mouse and keyboard while on the couch.