Crypto with the lowest decimal places

crypto with the lowest decimal places

Grayscale bitcoin trust price

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For example, each Bitcoin can be divisible up to 8 decimal places; 1 Bitcoin = satoshi, and satoshi is Bitcoin's lowest unit. You. Bitcoin for example has 8, and Ethereum (and a large number of coins based on Ethereum) have 18 decimal places. This is handled fine. The maximum number of decimal places varies, depending on the specific cryptocurrency. For Bitcoins, it is 8 decimals.
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That psychological effect is why some in the crypto community advocate for quoting prices for satoshis, rather than a full Bitcoin. Given its high price, the exchange has done away with pennies when it comes to buying Bitcoin -- orders can only be placed in dime increments. Hundreds of fiat currencies that exist today � dollars, euros, pesos, rupees for example � consist of a main unit base and a fractional sub-unit.